ZoneSports strives to offer unrivaled quality and innovation in design for sports uniforms, apparel and related merchandise. Delivering world class, professional standard goods to customers from social, semi professional and professional levels across an array of sports. 
Regardless if you playa sport socially or at an elite level, whether you exercise for fun or to become the worlds next top ninja warrior.... at ZoneSports we believe everyone should have the opportunity to




   10 REASONS WHY You’ll Love Zone Sports Compression   


Reduces exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) & fatigue by supporting muscles & joints

Accelerates the recovery process after intense training with gentle compression

Removes lactic acid faster & improves blood circulation

Improves endurance performance during a full range of exercise

Increases oxygen delivery to the muscles to ensure maximum training

Reduces the risk of injury by stopping muscles from overextending

Contours to the body to maximise movement & imitate body motion during exercise

Improves body temperature control by reducing odour & perspiration levels

Each range has differing levels of compression to assist with varying exertion levels

Not all compression sportswear is the same … ZoneSports pushes you to be the BEST!


Must Haves

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